ISSN: 2347-7407



Board Members

Dr. Bidyut Roy, India
Dr. S. M. Shahid, Pakistan
Dr. Altaee MF, Iraq

:::: Aims and Scope ::::

Bio-Genetics Journal is an international open access bi-monthly journal that covers all topics related to genetic analysis and research.

Manuscripts can be submitted via online submission system. All submissions are peer-reviewed and the authors will be intimated on the status within 3 weeks.

BIO-GENETICS Journal considers articles on all aspects, but not limited to:

  • genetic analysis
  • medical genetics
  • gene therapy
  • genes and genomes
  • human genetics
  • bacterial genetics
  • fungal genetics
  • viral genetics
  • cancer genetics
  • cytogenetics
  • genetics of mood disorders
  • molecular genetics
  • genetics laws and ethics
  • genetic diseases
  • gene regulation
  • gene knock-out studies
  • genetic counselling
  • botanical genetics
  • population genetics
  • biochemical genetics
  • genetics and food
  • genetic interactions
  • evloutionary genetics
  • reproductive genetics
  • comparative and functional genomics
  • gene expression
  • epigenetics
  • quantitative genetics
  • genetic engineering
  • structural genomics
  • pharmacogenomics